SIP Trunking Benefits for the Enterprise Enable higher customer satisfaction with improved business processes

a. Integration with CRM and ERP system

SIP is a text-based protocol, developed by the Internet engineering task force (IETF), the same body
that was responsible for laying the foundation for the Internet. As a result, SIP is highly deployable in a
variety of scenarios. When integrated with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, SIP can
immediately offer the option to chat with a customer support rep when a customer logs in to enter a com-
plaint. If the problem is severe, the rep can be reached via one click as the system sets up a call
between the customer’s registered number and the rep’s number. Such value-added service significantly
increases customer satisfaction and the perceived value of the offering a customer purchases.

b. Web-based Click to Call
Because SIP is highly deployable, it can be inte-grated with the corporate website, employee pro-
files, and other customer-facing platforms. This is especially valuable for sales personnel and other
customer-facing functions who cannot afford to miss out on any opportunities to interact with a
potential client.

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