SIP Trunking for Your Company?

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) service can be a good option for a business that wants to leverage converged data, internet, voice and video services.
Unfortunately it is not that simple, other factors come into play to make the proper choice for your environment.
There are many positives to deploying SIP trunking including simplifying network management and utilizing bandwidth more effectively.
Connections from the carriers can be over many services including T-1, DS-3,Ethernet, MPLS and others. Basically any service that can deliver data can deliver SIP trunking, some more reliably than others.
A key component will be the ability for the carrier to deliver Quality of Service (QOS). This will enable the proper prioritization of your voice, video,internet and data services according to your business needs. Normal business environments give voice the top priority in order to assure the best quality pos-
sible (but there can be exceptions). 
It also assures that the appropriate bandwidth is available for each appli-cation at all times to keep your business running smoothly.
SIP trunking offers the best dynamic bandwidth allocation ensuring the most effective way to use your broadband services. Both data and voice services can dynamically use all available bandwidth based upon your selected QOS model. An example would be if you have no voice or video calls, the entire circuit could be used for data traffic boosting download/upload speeds.

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