SIP-trunking service benefits companies

-Eliminating the need to invest in costly (and less capable) TDM-gateway equipment infrastructure or desktop equipment
-Nullifying the need to purchase equipment, such as managed-media gateway devices, to interface between IP voice and the PSTN
-Reducing monthly expenses, since only one connection for data and voice is
-Eliminating the need for PRI (primary rate interface)/BRI (basic rate interface) connections, lowering telephony costs
-Allowing companies to outsource their PSTN connectivity to a third party, reducing long-distance charges
Providing points of presence in multiple U.S. cities so that companies can
-establish local numbers rather than rely on a 1-800 number Accessing the benefits of a hosted VoIP service, without discarding existing investments in a traditional phone system

Read More: Essential Guide to SIP Trunking.pdf

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