SIP-trunking service Costs and Challenges

Although SIP-trunking service providers offer many options at varying costs, it is not uncommon for companies to realize instant cost savings from a relatively modest investment in SIP-based technology. Certainly, SIP requires purchasing services and products including an IP PBX, IP phones, soft clients and SIP-friendly firewalls, to name a few out-of-pocket expenses. But if deployed properly, SIP trunking can produce a healthy return on investments in less than six
Whenever companies attempt to mix equipment from different vendors in a unified IT environment, problems can arise. Various equipment based on the SIP protocol is certainly no exception. That’s why companies should establish best practices for interfacing a PBX implementation with an ITSP to minimize incompatibilities.
SIP trunking can also give rise to security risks. Fortunately, SIP-server and -proxy technologies can manage the flow of SIP traffic, enabling an IT manager to ensure correct routing, apply verification and authentication policies and minimize threats.
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