SIP Trunking with a Legacy PBX

When an enterprise has invested and deployed a tra-ditional PBX system (which is typically SIP un-aware)
with legacy handsets, there is little incentive to rip it all out and replace it with a completely SIP-based solution.

However, to realize the cost savings of IP telephony, a VoIP gateway is required to convert the PBX interfaces to Ethernet while packetizing the voice traffic for trans-port over the IP-based trunk to the SIP service provider network. Typically, a multiport gateway is deployed between the legacy system and the service provider.

a. Lower cost voice communications with intra-office toll-bypass
b. Investment in existing telephony equipment is preserved
c. No new voice hardware expense is required
d. The end customer experience remains unchanged
e. No retraining of staff on new processes
a. Maintaining the old PBX may be expensive and cumbersome
b. Rich new features that all-IP telephony enables remain unavailable

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