Spam call and Instant messaging spam VoIP-SIP Security

1-Spam call :The aim of this attack is to send a pre-recorded unwanted call (usually advertising)
to the target. The SPAM call is automatically send to a list of targets, who will get the
pre-recorded messages when they pick up.
2- Instant messaging spam :This attack will send a large amount of instant messages to users. The attacker will use the SIP MESSAGE request to convey his (usually advertising) message. However, any request that relays text data will work, such as the subject field of an INVITE
message, or an INVITE message with an HTML body.

3-Presence spam :The aim of this attack is enter the white list (friend list) of a user, to facilitate later communication. The attacker sends a large number of presence messages (SUBSCRIBE messages for instance), hoping that the user will accept the demand just to stop it.
The attacker must be able to send a large number of messages to a large number of
users, to maximise that some of them will accept.
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