VoIP-SIP Security Call Pattern Tracking

1-Call Pattern Tracking 1: This attack keeps track of who is communicating, as well as the length and time of the call. The attacker must simply listen to INVITE and BYE messages to extract the
information.The attacker must be able to listen to the network and extract the INVITE and BYE
2-Call Pattern Tracking 2:This attack captures sensitive information by capturing the DTMF (Dual Tone Multi Frequency) from the network traffic. This will give the attacker information ranging from the code to access the voice-mail (phone number, password) to information on call cards and even credit card numbers.
The attacker needs to listen to the RTP stream from the user, and then reconstruct
and extract the DTMF.The attacker must be able to listen to the network to extract RTP messages

Read More:http://www.vadese.org/files/upload/Best_practices_VoIP_en_v20.pdf

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