what is the best VoIP solution for me?

This is a question worth thinking about. We can actually break this down into two separate situations:
   - VoIP services from a service  provider
   - Self service                                         
 * Those who elect to have their telephony
services provided to them by a VoIP service provider can typically expect that to have
 what little equipment they need provided to  them as part of some time defined contract.
* For one who wants to host their own VoIP  service, there are two roads that one could take:
- Two IP phones with static IP  addresses can act as point to point  peers and communicate with one  another without anything else to   support them... of course they can only talk to each other.
- Create a VoIP server to host yourself  and your partners. How? Take a    look below for more on that question. You will need some basic  knowledge to get started but after you have done it once you’ll practically be a professional by the time you finish.
Read More:http://www.voip-news.com/rsc/VoiP%20FAQ.pdf

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