What is a good VoIP solution for small business or home business?

Asterisk is known as a good solution for SOHO (Small Office/ Home Office). It’s also very good for developers or amateurs who have some knowledge about how phone systems work and know how to work with Linux. 
Although making Asterisk easy to use requires some more work it is still very affordable and a good SOHO solution for anywhere from one to one hundred users. You can have asterisk professionals help you set up configuration files and features but the price will always lower what you can expect to pay for a traditional PBX Perhaps the nicest thing of all about Asterisk is that you don’t have to pay licensing fees for every feature you want and every user that
you add like you do with most PBX systems.
Read More:http://www.voip-news.com/rsc/VoiP%20FAQ.pdf

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