What is MegaPath SIP Trunking?

SIP Trunking is a dial tone service that is delivered to a premises-based IP PBX by utilizing VoIP technology.
SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is a signaling method for establishing multimedia sessions over an IP network.Compatible IP PBXs register directly against MegaPath’s voice platform via a provided username and password. Voice traffic is transmitted to and from a customer’s location over an existing broadband
connection. Voice and data services share a single dynamic connection. Bandwidth utilization is optimized because bandwidth remains available for data when it is not being used for calls. No IAD is required because no conversions of the IP traffic are made between the IP PBX and MegaPath.
The key benefits of MegaPath SIP Trunking include:
-- Substantial cost savings over traditional dedicated voice services
-- Low long distance rates – choice of calling plans, rates as low as $0.019/minute
-- Unlimited local calling, caller name and number included at no additional cost
-- Optimal broadband utilization – when phones are idle, all bandwidth is available for data
-- Standard features such as e911 emergency calling, DIDs, toll free numbers, operator services, directory listings and local number portability
Advanced hosted voice / IP-Centrex functionality–such as hunt groups, auto attendants,and audio conferencing–as well as powerful productivity and mobility features–such as Remote Office and Find Me / Follow Me for PBX users.

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