What is the SIP Trunk Networks Service?

SIP Trunk Networks provide organisations with a voice termination service over private IP networking. It is a completely managed service with a stringent Service Level Agreement (SLA) which provides organisations with a safe migration path to IP.
Existing PBX systems and ISDN connections can be retained and resiliently configured.
Maximise Existing Assets 
SIP Trunk Networks allow organisations to use their existing infrastructure. The service also enables different vendor PBXs to communicate with each other, resulting in businesses continuing to use their assets whilst still gaining the benefits of IP technologies. This provides organisations
with a safe migration path to IP telephony, therefore new PBX systems, phones and sites can be added using new or old technology.
 The solution can be resiliently deployed to a site with the PBX system simultaneously connecting to the ISDN and the SIP Trunk Networks service, providing resilience in case of a service failure. The resilient configuration enables orgainsations to perform their own least cost routing, as they can choose which service to terminate their voice minutes on.
Due to the fact inter-site calls are ‘on-net’ they are free; minute rates for other calls are also reduced as they are running over IP. These factors provide an immediate and palpable cost saving. Networking costs are reduced when compared to separate ISDN and data networks.
This inclusive network can be dedicated to voice if required.
Scalable & Flexible
The service can be provisioned on a more flexible basis than traditional services. Additional PBXs, phones and sites can be added easily
as the solution is vendor agnostic and the provision of the network is quick and completely scaleable. Numbers can be ported so that
businesses can move them between sites. Numbers are not geographically fixed, for example a Manchester number can be used even if the
business is located outside of the Manchester area.
-Save on line rental with converged networking
-Save on call costs; IP minutes are cheaper  
-Easier to scale services as and when things change
Free on-net calls
-Geographic or non-geographic numbers can be ported
-Safe migration path to IP
-PBX vendor agnostic

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