How to Upgrading the SPA5xx's Firmware

The Cisco SPA5xx IP Telephone family is the next generation of small business IP phones that are perfectly suited to interoperate with Asterisk systems ,for Configuring the SPA5xx in an Asterisk environment You need  to  Upgrading the SPA5xx's Firmware , You must complete the following steps to Upgrading the SPA5xx's Firmware:
1.Direct your browser to the SPA5xx's web user interface
for exemple :
2.Verify that the Voice tab > Info tab > Product Information > Software Version: is up to date with SPA5xx firmware available at the site, linked from the Cisco Community
[;jsessionid=F155204DC13BCE04A1057CB5485782FA.node0 ]
3.If newer firmware is available, save it to disk and upgrade the SPA5xx using either the spa5xxxxx.exe file or with a local TFTP server as described here.

4. Copy the downloaded firmware image to your TFTP server's root directory
5. Cause the SPA5xx to retrieve the firmware by TFTP and install the new image:
• IPADDRESSofSPA is the SPA5xx IP address
• TFTPADDRESS is the TFTP server's IP address
• SPAFILE.bin is the name of the downloaded firmware image

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